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Natural stone enhances value; with a natural appeal and beauty. 



Proper preparation is the starting point of all cladding projects. Stone can be cladded directly onto the bricked wall. Should the wall have a painted surface; we recommend that the surface be properly chipped before cladding. 


We are constantly evaluating our installers and are able to do corrective coaching from a distance via Whats App. We also send our clients updates as the project progresses to ensure that the desired finish is achieved and that we have happy, satisfied customers that want to refer our workmanship. 

  • Parameter Walls

  • Pillars

  • Entrance Portals 

  • Accent Walls

  • ​Fire Places

  • ​Entrance Portals

  • ​Parapet Features

  • Water Features

  • ​Weathered area 

  • Outside Buildings 

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