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Natural stone is not a trend. Natural stone adds timeless value to any area that needs an aesthetic touch. Nature is here to stay. With city life becoming more of a brick and mortar jungle; the inherent desire is to be close to nature.


Whether an accent wall; a retainer wall; a fireplace surround or a parameter wall; we can do it all.  Interior or exterior applications; there is a stone for every aplication.


Application is important - the right mixture of adhesive cement; type of cement;  and the right type of stone for the area are all matters that we can assist with.


Our consultants can give you the best advice and help you make a quality decision to satisfy your specific needs.


Left: Fireplace surround in sand stone riven or quartz. This is highly suitable for interior applications because the finished thickness on the wall averages to about 25 mm with adhesive. .


Left: Entrance portals make a magnificent feature to an existing or new house - as a home improvement or in a newly designed home. 

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