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The art of masoning stone has been a vital part of construction since the beginning of time.

This artistic skill is transferred from generation to generation.

The objective of our masons are to give an aesthetically pleasing solution that will be durable over decades of exposure to natural elements.  

Our masons are experienced and qualified to deliver lasting impressions for our clients. 

Quality workmanship at an affordable price and a variety of natural stone choices is our objective.

 It is our experience that more and more people are opting for a cladding solution to minimize outdoor and indoor maintenance, with a longlasting aesthetic appeal, in an african context. 

Savanna Random Quartz.JPG

Savannah Random

Rainbow shades 

Sandstone groomed chunks

Madikwe dri Pack and Madikwe strip wall (Thinner) 

Beige vertical 30-40 mm thick 

Africa Blue with a touch of Madikwe

Ivory mixed building stone ( Thick and Thin mixed) 

Beige Building stone

Should you not find the stone you like here, send us a photo via whats app and we will see how we can source it. Colours may change through the years and the quarry process.

Ivory Vertical Quartz 20-30 mm thick - 20 m2 per palet.

Basalt Black Random

Basalt Black Random 

Africa Blue touch - 40 -60 mm thick also in strip wall

sandstone Riven - 40 mm x random length

Pastel Quartz, Autumn Blend Quartz, Basa

Pastel quartz                                                                                             Autumn Blend Quartz                                                               Basalt light grey random 



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