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SG Special

All wet cast paving products must be packed with a 10 mm open formation.

Driveway paving - 40mm and 50 mm
Natural stone has been used for flooring and stepping stones since man started constructing permanent dwellings.
Our concrete driveway paving combines the durability, craftmanship and good looks of the best on the market. The sky is the limit and virtually any design can be created from our driveway paving blocks. This investment will add value and beauty to your home for a lifetime. The raw materials we use are of superiour quality. Our range of 40mm pavers ideal for any domestic application.

We recommend all driveway paving must be fitted with a butt joint (no open formation).

Apart from the colours above, we recommend that you contact us about the actual are you want to have paved. This will determine size; look and feel; type of lay and other detail. Lets keep talking. 

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